“Von hier aus …”

Gruppenausstellung im Rahmen des European Month of Photography

Fotoschule Berlin @ Kunstquartier Bethanien | »von hier aus…«

Every view of the future needs a reference to something that exists. It’s secondary whether it’s a matter of internal or external things, or whether the reference is romantic or analytical, hostile or utopian. The essential thing is the relationship between that which is and that which is supposed to be. “von hier aus…” portrays a moment of personal confrontation with current affairs and opens up an inquisitive perspective on what is to come. The perspectives are as different as the photographers themselves: personal, political, social, or based on the changes the medium itself has undergone.

Along with new works, several photographs by the Cologne-based artist Roger Lip, who passed away in 1993, are shown in the entrance area and reflect on a position that is not yet far in the past, but is already historic.

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“Auf Sichtweite”

Gruppenausstellung im Bikini Berlin im Rahmen des Projekturses “Situation und Ereignis” vom photocentrum Berlin vom 29.9. bis 14.10.2017